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We strategize and produce SEO optimized content that ranks and stands-out from the regular top 10 results.

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Proven Content Marketing Methods That Make Money and Drive Traffic

We’ve distilled years of experience into a method we implement to see amazing results for businesses. Be where your customers are when they are ready to buy with our RAMP Method.

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“Mike’s ability to create content calendars and quarterly content plans that are optimized for SEO has been a key driver in the growth of our website’s traffic, and our transformation from a fledgling content team into a powerhouse.”

Senior Content Marketer, 7shifts

Content Marketing Services

Content Strategies + Audits

Posting random blogs no longer works. A detailed content strategy or audit for your business will define clarity for your marketing team.

Content Development & Optimizations

Need subject matter experts to write and develop content for business? We’re here to make that happen with our trusted network of content experts.

Content Performance Reporting

Measuring the performance of your content investment is essential in today’s world. Our proven reporting structures provide the clarity you need to be successful.

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Drive Revenue Organically

Content That Connects With Millions of People

Our proven approach to developing content has driven serious website traffic from search engines.

Connect With your People

Build Lasting Relationships With Your Audience

Great content stands out by resonating with the pains, struggles and future desires of your audience. Educate, inform and add value.

Flexible and Easy Monthly Contracts

We don’t lock you into long term contracts unless you want to explore further discounts or want the stability.

8+ Years of SEO + Content Marketing Experience

Demand Path is run and operated by Mike Nesselbeck, an experienced digital marketer with over 8 years of experience.

Deal with the Person Doing The Work, Mike

Tired of dealing with a sales person that hands you off to an account manager and a junior marketer? Deal with the founder directly.

“Mike helped to build the company’s content machine and optimize the entire website for search engines. His analytical and SEO skills are exceptional and he always stays up-to-date with the latest trends and search engine algorithms updates.”

Content Marketing Manager, 7shifts

I’m Here For Your Business’s Online Growth

Mike Nesselbeck, 2024

Over the past 8 years, I’ve been helping businesses generate millions of dollars in revenue through SEO, Content Marketing, and other digital marketing strategies. We do that using our unique RAMP Methodology.

This method has taken businesses to 10X growth from organic search and has ultimately been a driver in businesses getting acquired and generating millions in additional revenue.

Increase revenue with a strategy: SEO and content marketing is not always about writing and hoping for sales. Using tried and true strategies, generate revenue from your investment in content and SEO marketing.

If you’re ready to grow your online traffic and generate more business through organic search and content marketing, let’s chat.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Good question! For starters, the annual cost of a full-time senior-level Content Specialist now easily exceeds $100,000, plus benefits, stock options, training, social security and recruitment costs (and good luck finding one available). 

Aside from that, you may not always have enough work to keep them busy at all times, so you’re stuck paying for time you aren’t able to utilize.

With the monthly plan, you can pause and resume your subscription as often as you need to ensure you’re only paying your Search Specialist when you have work available for them.

Every package is tailored and priced for your specific business and needs. Pricing starts at $1,000 for projects and monthly retainers.

We don’t lock our clients into long-term contracts. We typically operate with month to month contracts with the option for long-term contracts for loyalty discounts.

You might be surprised to hear this, but Demand Path is actually an agency of one. This means you’ll work directly with me, founder of Demand Path.

The free consultation call is designed to give you insights into your business to identify areas that require fixing and the opportunity for growth and revenue generation. Ultimately to see if we can help you grow your business with Content Marketing.