Why You Need an SEO + Content Consultant

Maybe you’re thinking about growing your business by investing in SEO services and content marketing services?

Before you look to hire, assign your marketing team tasks or even try and implement SEO tactics yourself, find out why you should talk to an SEO consultant.

1. Get the right advice at the right time

If you’re not sure of the potential for organic search as a marketing channel, working with an SEO agency or contractor can help you quantify these opportunities for your business.

Or if you’re beginning to see growth from organic search and need the right advice to scale this marketing channel, working with the right SEO professional can help your business reach new heights for SEO.

2. Save thousands on hiring costs & time

The average cost to hire a new employee is approximately $4,129. That’s just the cost to hire someone. 

And it takes, on average, approximately 42 days to hire that employee. With SEO specialists running in short-supply these days, this hiring timeframe could easily extend to three months. 

Source: Contrarian Thinking

With the initial investment to hire that person, along with the timeframe to find that right employee, your company could already have a strong SEO Audit and Strategy prepared. With recommendations being implemented, even before that new hire is fully onboarded. 

Scale your organic search growth quickly, without the hiring headaches and costs.

3. Increase Your Reach and Revenue

There are over 8.5 billion searches on Google per day. Chances are, there are great opportunities for your business to reach your target audience.

SEO is known for its potential to drive strong revenue results for businesses, and working with the right professional will help you uncover those opportunities with action plans to capture that potential revenue from organic search. 

At Demand Path, we’ve helped drive over $10,000,000 in revenue for businesses, directly through SEO. As well as driven millions of dollars in company valuations by building robust organic search marketing machines for companies. 

Source: Backlinko

4. Save your own precious time

As a business owner or marketing manager, your time is better spent focusing on the important tasks that grow the business further, rather than learning SEO as a marketing channel. 

With search engine algorithms implementing major updates several times a year, it can be hard to keep up with SEO information alone. And still find time to develop strategy and implement. 

An SEO professional can distil years of experience and industry knowledge into an actionable strategy for your business in days. Whereas that may take you weeks or months as a busy owner or marketing manager with a full plate of tasks already. 

Ready To Scale Your SEO Efforts?

5. Avoid expensive mistakes

Due to the longer time periods required to begin seeing SEO results (anywhere from weeks to months), it’s important your investment is spent correctly from the very beginning. 

If you’re in a competitive market, SEO investments can cost thousands of dollars a month in order to remain competitive. And with the wrong advice and recommendations, your business could actually end up in a worse-off spot if bad practices are followed. 

6. Identify the Best Organic Search Opportunities to Generate Revenue

The opportunities for generating revenue from organic search heavily hinge on the product and service offerings of your business.

Working with an experienced SEO professional will help you understand the opportunities that are available to you, and the potential costs in order to achieve those results. 

These insights and information will also help you as a decision maker to better understand the priorities that SEO should have in your business. 

For instance, if you run a E-commerce store, there is a high chance that SEO will play a major role in your business growth. 

SEO Monitor forecasting organic traffic tool
SEO Forecasting with SEOMonitor

7. Get Better Reporting

An SEO professional will also be able to help you develop insightful reporting for your businesses organic search. 

Tracking important metrics and KPIs will ultimately help you understand how this channel is driving business, and how your investments are performing. 

8. Expand Upon Other Marketing Channels More Efficiently

SEO is not only an investment in organic search, but an investment in your brand, online presence and website. 

For example, a technical SEO campaign can address long page load times. By reducing how long it takes for your website to load, your other digital marketing campaigns can benefit from this site-wide improvement that helps SEO.

Or maybe you have a robust email marketing function in your business, SEO can help grow your email list so you can reach more people with what is already working. 

Need SEO Help? 

At Demand Path, we believe in delivering the best. Let’s connect and discuss how we can elevate your SEO and content marketing strategies to new heights.

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