• Successful pre-sale of luxury real estate properties before construction.
  • Implementation of comprehensive digital marketing strategies by Demand Path.
  • Significant increase in demand and engagement through targeted campaigns.

Background & Problem

Two Twelve Real Estate Development, a luxury real estate project, faced unique challenges in its pre-sale phase. The development was yet to be constructed, making it crucial to sell an intangible dream to potential buyers. 

The primary issues included:

  • Under-utilized demand generation for the project.
  • A well-curated email list but little marketing 
  • Lack of time and expertise in digital marketing.
  • High-cost, low-optimization advertising resulting in poor ROI.
  • Need for a cost-effective and holistic marketing approach.

Solution + Results

Email Campaigns That Drive Interest

Demand Path revitalized the email marketing approach with weekly campaigns targeting potential real estate buyers. This strategy achieved:

  • Open rates between 55% to 60%.
  • Click rates around 3%.
  • Significant increase in site visits.

Organic Social That Engages

Instagram and Facebook organic posts was also a solution that was implemented for Two Twelve. Organic social is an important aspect for sharing other visuals and information to prospective buyers.

The introduction of weekly organic content on Instagram and Facebook, including Stories, Reels, and Posts, led to:

  • A consistent monthly engagement,.
  • Enhanced brand visibility and community engagement.

Accelerating Demand Generation with Paid Social

In order to generate demand based on the ideal buyers for Two Twelve, based on demographics and psychographics, a paid social strategy was also employed.

This allowed us to target potential buyers with several different messages across the platforms they use. While also being budget conscious with targeting.

Demand Path’s comprehensive paid social strategy encompassed:

  • Account setup, targeting, creative development, and ad copy.
  • Focused ad targeting with cost-effective ROI.
  • Amplified marketing messages leading to increased real estate sales.
  • Generating thousands of website visits a month.


  • Email Marketing: Continued high performance in engagement metrics.
  • Organic Social: Steady increase in social media engagement and results.
  • Paid Advertising: Strong brand awareness leading to effective sales conversations.

Ultimately, all campaigns were able to significantly influence pre-sales for the Two Twelve real estate development, before ground was even broken on the project. 

Selling Real Estate

Discussion on the overall impact of the marketing strategies on real estate sales, showcasing the link between effective digital marketing and successful property sales.

Unit Starting Prices


With Demand Path’s expertise, the development overcame initial marketing challenges, achieving remarkable pre-sales success through targeted email campaigns, engaging social content, and strategic paid advertising.

This success story serves as a benchmark for similar projects and the power of Demand Path’s strategies and Methods with digital marketing.