• SEO Traffic Growth from 60,000 / month to 182,000 / month in 2 years. 
  • 300% increase in Marketing Qualified Leads from SEO from product / feature pages. 
  • 2X to 8X organic search traffic growth from Google Search on new content marketing & old content optimizations. 
  • Hundreds of new keywords ranking on page #1, in the top #3 results.
Hospitality SaaS Growth from SEO

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Over a span of two years, this company experienced phenomenal growth in SEO traffic, witnessed a 300% surge in Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) from product and feature pages, and achieved a remarkable 2X to 8X organic search traffic expansion on both new content marketing and old content optimizations.

They also established dominance with hundreds of new keywords ranking on page #1, within the top #3 search results. And consistently built 10 to 30 high-quality links per quarter.

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B2B Niche SaaS Company

This company is an industry-leading B2B Niche SaaS company, operating in the hospitality space. Their commitment to product excellence was clear with the Founder and CEO being the original creator and salesman for the software company. 

Series B / Series C

Having successfully navigated the early stages of their journey, this company found themselves in the Series B/C stage. This phase demanded strategic expansion, with a particular focus on scaling their online presence and lead generation efforts. Resources were ready to deploy for additional SEO growth, including front-end developers, graphic designers and content marketers. 

Content Marketing Function + Paid Performance Function with No SEO

Prior to the engagement with Mike Nesselbeck, the company had a recently established Content Marketing function that was beginning to show organic search results. And a robust Paid Performance function. However, there was a noticeable gap in their digital strategy – the absence of a dedicated SEO effort to add fuel to the fire.


No Time for Organic Growth Initiatives

With an ever-expanding product feature-set and the demands of their investor’s need for growth through paid spend, the company’s marketing resources were stretched thin. 

This left little manpower available to dedicate to organic growth initiatives, including SEO. But they knew this needed to be a priority in order to win against competitors. 

No Visibility into What Is Working Well & What Isn’t

Despite their substantial investments in Paid Performance, the company lacked comprehensive visibility into the effectiveness of their SEO efforts and future expansion potential. 

The teams were unable to discern which strategies were yielding the best results and where improvements were needed.

Content & Pages Were Not Performing to Its Highest Potential

While the company had a wealth of valuable content, it was not performing up to 100% for SEO, typically ranking on the second page of search results.

The company’s valuable product and feature pages were also not attracting the attention they deserved, leading to missed opportunities in lead generation and leaving money on the table, so to speak.


Full Stack SEO Services

To address these challenges, Mike Nesselbeck devised a comprehensive SEO strategy tailored to the company’s specific needs. This involved a holistic approach, encompassing technical SEO, on-page optimizations, and off-page strategies. Full Stack SEO.

Beginning with a complete SEO Audit that tied identifiable SEO best practices and growth levers that aligned with the company’s product roadmap. 


300% increase in Marketing Qualified Leads from SEO from Product & Feature pages

One of the key focus areas was the optimization of product and feature pages. By applying SEO best practices, these pages started ranking higher in search results, attracting a surge in organic traffic and generating valuable MQLs.

SEO for product and feature pages

2X to 8X SEO Growth From Content Efforts

Simultaneously, the content marketing function received a boost. New content was created, optimized, and strategically promoted. 

Old content underwent thorough optimizations to improve its visibility and relevance. This dual approach resulted in exponential organic search traffic growth.

Blog growth for B2B SaaS company through SEO

Grow Your Company with SEO

Some of The Tactics Used for Results

Digital PR for Link Building

A robust Digital PR strategy was implemented to build high-quality backlinks. This not only improved the website’s authority but also enhanced its credibility in the eyes of search engines.

Link building for SaaS company.

Internal Link Optimizations / Other On-Page Updates

Internal link optimizations and various on-page updates were performed to enhance user experience and ensure that content was easily discoverable by search engines.

Technical SEO for Content (Images) / Removing AMP Articles

Technical SEO audits were conducted to identify and rectify issues, including optimizing images for better performance. Additionally, outdated AMP articles were removed to streamline the website’s structure.

And more…

The comprehensive SEO strategy involved various other tactics and continuous monitoring and adjustments to ensure sustained growth. While providing cost effective ROI and reduced reliance on PPC spend.

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