• The company and professional that performed all the work was Mike Nesselbeck;
  • SEO Traffic Growth from 0 to 180,000 a month, over 1 million visitors a year from Organic Search Traffic within 2 years. 
  • Hundreds of new leads organic search newsletter subscribers generated for the business every week.
  • Rankings for hundreds of keywords and competing with large competitive domains like Forbes.com, foundr.com, entrepreneur.com, etc. 
  • Business Idea Insight was ultimately sold and acquired by a tech company valued at over $1 billion dollars.

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This case study explores the incredible journey of Business Idea Insight (businessideainsight.com), an online business in the entrepreneurial and business ideation space. 

Under the guidance of digital expert Mike Nesselbeck, the company achieved remarkable SEO traffic growth, soaring from zero to 180,000 sessions per month, attracting over one million organic visitors annually. 

Additionally, they generated a steady stream of organic search newsletter subscribers and achieved high-ranking positions for hundreds of keywords, competing with giants like Forbes.com, foundr.com, and entrepreneur.com. 

The ultimate success of their SEO and content marketing efforts led to Business Idea Insight’s acquisition by a tech company, Zenbusiness, valued at over $1 billion dollars.

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Table of Contents


Business Idea Insight as a New Brand

Business Idea Insight emerged as a new player in the entrepreneur and self-employment niche. As a startup, they were determined to achieve long-term organic growth to establish their presence in a highly competitive market.

Organic Social To Begin Momentum

To kickstart their journey, Business Idea Insight leveraged platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Quora. Their social content creation efforts laid the foundation for building a strong niche following. These platforms also served as sources of initial traffic, brand awareness, and newsletter sign-ups.


Seeing Growth in SEO Channel in the Last Year

While some growth in organic search was seen over the past year, the company recognized the need to unlock its full potential in this marketing channel that their competitors were dominating.

Looking for More Organic Growth

While organic social was working to drive new organic visits, it wasn’t enough. The company needed a new source of organic growth to breakthrough and hit profitability.

No Budgets for PPC Spend

Although the company was seeing some initial growth, there wasn’t any room to spend on PPC campaigns in order to get the word out about the company.


Full-Stack SEO

To address these challenges, Mike Nesselbeck devised a comprehensive SEO strategy tailored to the company’s specific needs. This involved a holistic approach, encompassing technical SEO, on-page optimizations, and off-page strategies. Full Stack SEO.

Robust Content Marketing Services

A strong investment in content marketing was also provided as a solution to double down on the organic growth initiatives. This included a robust content marketing strategy and execution, all developed and executed by Mike Nesselbeck. With new articles weekly, and YouTube video marketing for additional content growth.

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SEO Growth From Zero to 150,000 / Monthly Visitors

With a goal of exponential growth, a comprehensive SEO strategy was devised from scratch. 

This full-stack SEO approach was instrumental in taking Business Idea Insight from ground zero to an impressive 180,000 sessions per month. It laid the groundwork for their remarkable online journey.

Content Marketing That People Love

Business Idea Insight recognized the importance of engaging and informative content. They implemented a robust content marketing plan, consistently publishing 4 to 5 original content pieces each month. This commitment to high-quality content played a pivotal role in capturing their audience’s attention and keeping them engaged.

Email Marketing That Drives Revenue

Their SEO-driven traffic became the foundation for a thriving newsletter. Over time, they organically grew their newsletter readership to thousands of monthly subscribers. Multiple funnels were developed for segmentation, enabling tailored email marketing campaigns that not only excited subscribers but also converted to revenue. This email marketing strategy became a significant revenue driver.

A Successful Online Business That Was Ultimately Acquired

The culmination of their efforts was nothing short of spectacular. Thanks to the astounding success of their SEO and content marketing programs, Business Idea Insight attracted the attention of a tech company valued at over $1 billion dollars.

Recognizing the immense potential of this website and its power through SEO, the acquisition was sealed, marking the crowning achievement of their digital journey.

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