• Full Stack SEO Solution, on-going retainer relationship. 
  • SEO Traffic Growth from 4X Growth SEO Traffic in 9-10 months of work;
  • Growth from 5,000 to 20,000 organic search visitors a month;
  • Hundreds of new and qualified organic search leads generated, including demo books and software trial starts.
  • 120+ new keywords ranking on page #1 of Google Search;
4X Growth SEO Traffic in 9-10 months

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This case study dives into the amazing results that this B2B SaaS company achieved with SEO growth, guided by Demand Path. 

They achieved a phenomenal 4X increase in organic search traffic within 10 months, surging from 5,000 to an impressive 20,000 organic search visitors monthly. 

Their commitment to SEO excellence generated hundreds of new and highly qualified organic search leads, including valuable demo bookings and software trial starts. 

Learn how we got this result for this startup because it could make you money.

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B2B SaaS Business in the Workforce Management Software Industry

This SaaS company is a Series A-funded startup in the workforce management software industry.

Operating with a lean marketing team, they faced the challenge of establishing a strong online presence to drive organic traffic, Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs), and revenue.

Content Marketing Function + Paid Performance Function with No SEO

Prior to the engagement with Demand Path, the company had a recently established Content Marketing function that was beginning to show organic search results. And a robust Paid Performance function.

However, there was a noticeable gap in their digital strategy – the absence of a dedicated SEO effort to add fuel to the fire.


Seeing Growth in SEO Channel in the Last Year

While some growth in organic search was seen over the past year, the company recognized the need to unlock its full potential in this marketing channel that their competitors were dominating.

Looking to Increase Organic Traffic for MQLs and Revenue

As any company that has raised money and needs to grow quickly, they were spending a large portion of their marketing budget on PPC spend, specifically Google Ads. This presented a great opportunity to double down with SEO for organic search traffic. 

However, they lacked a clear roadmap for maximizing their SEO and content marketing efforts.

Not Sure Where to Go or What to Do Next with SEO & Content Marketing Efforts

Despite having in-house marketing experts, the company did not have specializions specifically with SEO. And while they had continued to invest in content marketing efforts over the years, it was not seeing its maximum potential 

They needed expert guidance to navigate the complexities of SEO and content marketing effectively.

Didn’t Want to Hire In-House for Increased Search Engine Traffic

Although they had recently raised money in a Series A funding round, they did not want to add more headcount to their marketing team, but desired to work with someone who can upkeep great consistent communication while working together. 


Complete SEO Audit + Strategy with Prioritized Recommendations for Growth

To address these challenges, Demand Path conducted a comprehensive SEO audit, uncovering opportunities and challenges. From this audit, a highly tailored SEO strategy emerged, complete with prioritized recommendations.

On-Going SEO Retainer for Implementation, Consultation, and Other Growth Opportunities

Recognizing the need for ongoing support, an SEO retainer relationship was established. This arrangement ensured continuous implementation of the SEO strategy while also providing room for consultation and exploration of new growth opportunities.


First Page Rankings for All Product & Feature Pages

The strategic SEO initiatives led to all product and feature pages securing first-page rankings on Google, enhancing visibility and driving organic traffic.

SEO Traffic Growth from 4X Growth in 9-10 Months

In just 9-10 months, the company witnessed a remarkable fourfold increase in their SEO traffic. Their monthly organic search visitors soared from 5,000 to an impressive 20,000.

4X Growth SEO Traffic in 9-10 months

120+ New Keywords Ranking on Page #1 of Google Search

Strategic SEO efforts secured over 120 keywords on the coveted first page of Google search results, expanding the company’s online reach significantly.

First page rankings for B2B SaaS Company.

Hundreds of New and Qualified Organic Search Leads

The commitment to SEO excellence paid off handsomely, with hundreds of new and highly qualified organic search leads pouring in, including valuable demo bookings and software trial starts.

Grow Your Company with SEO

Some of The Tactics Used for Results

Technical Optimizations That Enhance the Experience for All

A series of technical optimizations were implemented to improve user experience and site performance, including Core Web Vitals enhancements and page speed improvements.

Content Strategy that Qualifies and Drives Search Traffic

A comprehensive content strategy was developed, aligning content creation with search intent to attract and engage the target audience effectively.

On-Page Optimizations for Product Pages

Product pages were updated for on-page optimizations, ensuring they were not only informative for potential customers but also highly visible in search engine results.

Outreach Link Building Tactics

Strategic outreach and link-building efforts were employed to enhance domain authority and credibility, contributing to improved search rankings.

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