• SEO Audit + Strategy Work w/ Monthly SEO Consultations;
  • 110% Increase in organic traffic to main product / feature pages that convert;
  • Hundreds of new leads organic search leads generated for the business every week;
  • 100% increase on keywords ranking on page #1 of Google Search;
SaaS Organic growth through SEO

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This case study showcases an extraordinary journey where a niche B2B SaaS company in the sports industry, witnessed remarkable growth in just a few months.

Table of Contents


B2B SaaS Business – Sports Industry

This thriving B2B SaaS company in the sporting industry, focuses on providing great software solutions for teams to better their player insights and analytics. Their commitment to innovation and excellence has earned them a reputation as industry leaders.

Series A Funding

With Series A funding secured, the company was actively looking for their next marketing investment to rocket their lead generation and new user growth. This stage demanded a strategic approach to marketing to increase organic traffic, generate Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs), and ultimately drive revenue.

Lean Marketing Team

Despite their ambitions, the company operated with a lean marketing team, limiting their capacity to tackle the time-consuming need of SEO and content marketing effectively. 


Seeing Growth in SEO Channel in the Last Year

While there was some growth in their SEO channel over the past year, it was clear that the company was yet to unlock its full potential in this critical area.

Looking to Increase Organic Traffic to Boost MQLs and Revenue

The company identified the untapped opportunity in organic traffic as a means to increase Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) and revenue. However, they were uncertain about the best course of action to achieve this goal.

Not Sure Where to Go or What to Do Next with SEO & Content Marketing Efforts

The company recognized the importance of SEO and content marketing but was at a crossroads, unsure about the next steps to take to maximize their efforts.

Didn’t Want to Hire In-House to Increase Search Engine Traffic

Faced with the need to scale their search engine traffic, the company sought alternatives to hiring an in-house team. They needed a solution that could leverage their existing resources effectively.


Complete SEO Audit + Strategy with Prioritized Recommendations for Growth

To address these challenges, Mike Nesselbeck conducted a comprehensive SEO audit, identifying opportunities and challenges. From this audit, a highly tailored SEO strategy was developed, complete with prioritized recommendations.

Detailed for In-House Marketing Teams to Execute

Recognizing the company’s lean marketing team, the strategy was designed to be detailed enough for their in-house team to execute efficiently. It aimed to empower them with the tools and knowledge needed for success.

Ad-Hoc Consulting for Implementation

Mike Nesselbeck provided ongoing ad-hoc consulting support to ensure the smooth implementation of the SEO strategy, offering guidance and expertise as needed.

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SEO Traffic Growth from 3X Growth SEO Traffic + Impressions within 3 Months of SEO Audit + Strategy Implementation

Within just three months of implementing the SEO strategy, the company experienced a remarkable threefold increase in both SEO traffic and impressions, catapulting their online presence to new heights.

SaaS Organic growth through SEO

Hundreds of New Organic Search Leads Generated for the Business Every Week

The optimized SEO strategy delivered consistent results, generating hundreds of new organic search leads for the business every week, significantly boosting their lead generation efforts.

110% Increase in organic traffic to main product / feature pages that convert

Within the first month of beginning to implement SEO recommendations from the SEO audit, the software company saw an increase to core software feature pages that convert searchers. After 5 months, these product pages bring in 110% more organic search traffic and continue to perform well for generating new revenue. 

SEO growth to main SaaS features

100% Increase on Keywords Ranking on Page #1 of Google Search

In a short span of 5-6 months, the company’s keyword rankings saw a remarkable 140% increase, with numerous keywords achieving coveted page #1 positions on Google Search.

Increase in rankings keywords from SEO work.

Some of the Tactics Implemented

Better Site Structure + Internal Linking Updates

To enhance user experience and search engine discoverability, Mike recommended and implemented improvements in site structure and internal linking.

Strategic Use of Structured Data

Structured Data was strategically employed to make the company’s search results more informative and appealing to users.

Technical Optimizations for Core Web Vitals and Page Speed

Technical optimizations were made to improve Core Web Vitals and page speed, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Good pages in Google Search Console - SEO

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